4 super yummy chocolaty Friday treats

What does a treat need to have to be qualified as a "super yummy chocolaty Friday treat"

  1. It needs to be super yummy and preferably very chocolaty.
  2. You should be able to make it with only a few simple ingredients that you usually have at home.
  3. You should also be able to make it within 10-30 minuets. Like when you get hit by a sudden, unstoppable chocolate craving on a Friday night and you don't feel like going out to buy something.

Here are 4 super yummy and chocolatey no-fuss desserts!

1. "To die for" chocolate raw balls

2. Super simple chocolate caramel mousse

3. Vegan Nut-ella fudge

4. Raw chocolate strawberry hearts

Photos: Natalie Yonan

Photos: Natalie Yonan

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

Natalie Yonan

Is a raw chef and recipe developer at Happy Health blog. She work as a raw food pastry chef, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer and personal chef.