Weekly update

Some of you are asking about a bit more personal/lifestyle oriented content! Here it is!

What do you say we make this a weekly habit? Haha okay ,let's start with this week and see how far I can go... Also the Thumbnail image of this post has nothing to do with this week but It's just a nice picture I took when I was in New York earlier this year! The photo content of these posts wont be dazzling in anyway, just my casual daily snaps from Insta-stories!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: That I got to spend some quality time with one of my sisters! She and my mom came over and we all had a nice dinner at my place, then my sister stayed over and we had a lovely evening with a brisk walk by the water and then watching a movie before bed. :) The morning after started with a nice long power walk. Then we found 2 outdoor gyms! I love exploring, haha! Can't believe I didn't know about it before!

LOW OF THE WEEK: Tried making coconut yogurt with probiotic but failed! But, I'll keep trying! As soon as I'm succeeding I'll be putting up a post about it! Probably know about all about it then...

FUNNIEST OF THE WEEK: Beth Stelling's Episode of Netflix's " THE STANDUP'S "

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: My Friday yoga class that I just came from! This class is always great, but today was exceptional. I'm also super happy in general about how it's all going. I'm really getting in to a great flow now, doing 3 short HIIT workout's a week and 2-3 yoga classes! Feels great and I'm feeling so grateful!

TIP OF THE WEEK: My Spotify playlists! There's music for all kinds of occasions. You can follow any specific list or just follow "happyhealthblog" to get all my lists and updates.

FOOD OF THE WEEK: I'm still drooling for this Buddha bowl that I made and posted earlier this week!

RIGHT NOW: Just had the most wonderful Friday! Starting with a consultation at my friend Kate! She's a nutritionist and we're doing a small collaboration here on the blog later on! *so exited for it* (If you have any food/nutrition questions for Kate, leave'em down in the comments) After seeing Kate I went to the Gym for a quick HIIT workout! Came home, made a WONDERFUL fruitless smoothie! Worked for a while and then went to Yoga!

PLANS FOR THE WEEKEND: Rest, rest and rest! Maybe a movie tonight, I won 2 tickets to Atomic blonde through my gym! Yaay! Sunday will probably be back to normal for me I have some work scheduled and I also LOVE starting the week off 1 day before everyone else :P

Hope you all have a great weekend!